CCTV Security

QCS Group can design and install a wide range of customised surveillance systems to meet the unique security needs of our clients.

Our trained technicians are skilled in installing state-of-the-art CCTV systems ensuring the best coverage and maximum effectiveness in deterring and detecting potential threats. CCTV cameras can also help monitor employee safety and ensure that they are following necessary safety protocols, and in case of emergencies or accidents, the footage can be used to assess the situation and provide evidence if required.

Whether it is for business premises or residential properties, our team is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that provide peace of mind, protect assets, and maintain safety for our valued customers.

Did you know CCTV is not just for security? Camera technology today provides solutions far beyond traditional CCTV surveillance that can enhance safety, improve operations and provide business advantages. Speak to us today about:

  • People Counting
  • Heat maps and coverage
  • License plate detection and recognition
  • Facial detection and recognition
    • VIP Access
    • Banned customers
  • Cross line detection
  • Visitor Management
  • Time and attendance

What we provide:

  • Design and advice for installations
  • Assessing the requirements for your systems
  • Quote, supply, and installation of the full solution
  • Project management for installations
  • Training
  • System maintenance
  • Fully trained and licensed technicians

Who do we install and recommend?

QCS Group supply and recommend products from Hikvision or Axis Communications.

We are not limited to these brands, but these are the vendors we have an active relationship with.

Axis Authorized Partner

Previous Projects

Peggy’s Place

Please click here to see how QCS Group was able to supply, install and maintain a full CCTV solution for Peggy’s Place